Monday, December 7, 2009

Slutcracker Profile: Honey Suckle Duvet

Describe your artistic life before/outside of The Slutcracker, this year's or last. Were you already in the burlesque scene?
I sauntered onto the scene in 2005 as an exotic dance student.  Three weeks later I was teaching and for two years thereafter I taught classes in striptease and exotic dancing.  Burlesque came one year into my teaching gig and I was so grateful I found it.  I got to mix striptease and acting, I was in heaven.

Before I tripped the light fantastic as Honey Suckle Duvet I studied acting. I performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, produced dance and theatre productions, and have written and performed four one-woman shows. In my last show  “Genesis of Honey: Survivor to Siren” I talk about  my journey in Burlesque. I am bringing it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in 2010.
Always up for a challenge, in the summer of '09 I started doing standup comedy on the Naked Comedy Showcase. (I have a show 10:30 Dec 11th right after the 2nd Slutcracker show.)

What do you do as a contributing member of society, and how do you feel about said contribution?
My heart lies in using Burlesque to teach and inspire other women to shed  negative body image. It is a way of pay my own healing forward and share the general awesomeness I get from doing Burlesque.  I have found that a lot of women fall in love with the look and feel of Burlesques and want to feel more sexy and confident.  Even if they never bring it to the stage it is pretty awesome when someone starts off thinking they could never strip or strut and next thing you know they have a new swish in their hips.  It pretty much rocks.

If I wanted to get you drunk enough for . . . I don't know, the best thing you can think of, what would I order?
I don't drink so you will have to rely on charm and wit or start talking about sci-fi, mainly Doctor Who.

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