Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Slutcracker Profile: Sugar Dish

Real name:
Vanessa White, aka Sugar Dish.

Describe your artistic life before/outside of The Slutcracker, this year's or last.
I was a dancer from the age of three until just shy of 23 when I blew out my knee. Feeling certain my dance career had come to a close, I gave it up and led a rather unfulfilling and uncreative life for the proceeding 6 years. Those were my Dark Ages. I came into the burlesque scene sort of by accident, and in the last four years have discovered my Renaissance. Finding myself totally entrenched in this creative performing arts scene is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. For realz. And The Slutcracker? I think it's safe to say that for me, The Slutcracker has been a dream come true.

At The Slipper Room

What is your favorite accessory/clothing item/sparkly thing to don?
I just became the proud owner of a full length, white fox fur stole. Don't worry, it's second hand AND vintage. These foxes were sacrificed for fashion long before my birth.

What do you do as a contributing member of society, and how do you feel about said contribution? Are you shooting for the stars? Are you landing on the moon? Are you sick of career metaphors and doing shrooms behind the tent at your college reunions?
I will NEVER tire of 'shrooms at class reunions. But that's a story for another time. My contribution to society is pure hedonistic entertainment. I get people drunk and I take off my clothes. Some people contribute by saving lives; I contribute by giving people a reason to live.

If I wanted to get you drunk enough for . . . I don't know, the
best thing you can think of, what would I order?

Whiskey. Rocks. A good, dry champagne would work, too.

Home office.

Best song to dance to, of all time:
The only way I can answer that is to say that no matter where I am or when, whatever song it is that gets me off my ass and onto the dance floor, right then and there, is the best song to dance to, of all time. Trying to get me off my ass? Play something with soul.

Stance on healthcare reform:

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