Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slutcracker Profile: Pamela Passion

Describe your artistic life before/outside of The Slutcracker, this year's or last:
I have been dancing and performing ballet, modern, and jazz almost my entire life, and I performed in student dance companies throughout high school and college. My dancing and my choreography was always an expression of my sexuality, so burlesque was the natural next step!

Pamela the Pirate

What is your favorite accessory/clothing item/sparkly thing to don?
I am definitely a shoe person. I have a closet full of stripper heels. There are some that I can't even walk in, but there are other things they are useful for...

What do you do as a contributing member of society, and how do you feel about said contribution?
I actually have two jobs at two different nonprofits. I'm an idealist.

If I wanted to get you drunk enough for . . . I don't know, the best thing you can think of, what would I order?
Anything. Tequila! Champagne!

Best song to dance to, of all time:
Kanye, "Gold Digger." It's not my favorite song, but for some reason whenever I hear it I want to get up on some sort of raised platform and take my clothes off.

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