Friday, November 27, 2009

Slutcracker Profile: Femme Brulée

Real name:
Robyn Giragosian, aka Femme Brulée

Describe your artistic life before/outside of The Slutcracker, this year's or last.
I danced from ages 3-13 in a typical suburban dance studio, until I became tired of the cattiness of adolescent girls that thrives in that environment. After college started taking hip hop, tap, jazz, and lyrical classes, and started teaching ballet and tap to 3-8 year olds. I did a season with Big Moves, which is how I got involved with the first Slutcracker. That was my first taste of burlesque, and I haven't been able to get enough since!

What is your favorite accessory/clothing item/sparkly thing to don?
So hard to choose one! I love my gold glitter mary jane heels, and I jump at any opportunity to wear glitter eyeshadow. But my favorite might be my rhinestone bra.

What do you do as a contributing member of society, and how do you feel about said contribution?
I'd like to think I bring joy to the world with spontaneous, unannounced cupcake deliveries.

If I wanted to get you drunk enough for . . . I don't know, the best thing you can think of, what would I order?
I'm a sucker for interesting cocktails, the more unusual, the better.

Best song to dance to, of all time:
I Want You Back, The Jackson 5

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