Friday, November 20, 2009

Slutcracker Profile: Amber Candy Dixon

Describe your artistic life before/outside of The Slutcracker, this year's or last:
My artistic life before the Slutcracker(aside from just being an amazingly hot slut) included a multitude of performances in Boston and Cambridge. They ranged from Cherry at Jacques Cabaret to The Harvard Drag Night to Forever Fierce at MIT. You can see the fabulous me in all my many styles and pre-Slutcracker manifestations here.

Amber Candy Dixon, on stage

What is your favorite accessory/clothing item/sparkly thing to don? favorite article of clothing, I'm going to have to say anything that emphasizes my killer legs. You see, my body is The Commodores and my legs are Lionel Richie.

What do you do as a contributing member of society, and how do you feel about said contribution?
My contribution to society is my amazing presence. Once people gaze upon the natural beauty that is Amber Candy Dixon, they say to themselves, "Wow, I don't have to buy a telescope. I can see that the brightest star in the universe is right in front of me. If only I had my sun glasses, because my eyes are burning from the amazingly hot radiance that is Amber Candy Dixon."

If I wanted to get you drunk enough for . . . I don't know, the best thing you can think of, what would I order?
It's really a matter of me getting people drunk on my good looks. So in reality, it's very difficult to offer the girl who is everything....

Best song to dance to, of all time is tie between "Vogue" by Madonna and "Negative Approach" by Naplam Death.

Stance on healthcare reform:
As a graduate of Emerson College, it's only natural that I would want to see every American tax payer covered under a single payer system.

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