Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two Casts Are Better Than One

Did you know that this year's Slutcracker has two unbelievable casts? That's two times the sluttiness, which we didn't even know was possible after last year's smorgasbord of sluttery - but it is!

This year we have the Amazing Cast and the Bodacious Cast. The Amazing Cast will rock your worlds on Friday and Sunday nights as well as the 2nd Sunday matinee and the Service Industry Night (SIN) Monday show! The Bodacious Cast will blow your minds on Thursday and Saturday nights as well as the first and third Sunday matinees.

Here are the cast lists for each fabulous iteration:

Amazing Cast:
Clara: Malice in Wonderland
Fritz: Paolo Mania
Slutcracker Prince: Oliver Tryst
Drosselmeyer: Mary Dolan
Dance of the Reed Pole: Sugar Dish
Wet Spot Fairy: UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb

Bodacious Cast:
Clara: Femme Bones
Fritz: Paolo Mania
Slutcracker Princess: Pamela Passion
Drosselmeyer: Mary Widow
Dance of the Reed Pole: Ammon EP
Wet Spot Fairy: Devilicia

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